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A series of posts that documents step by step the proces of a dream becoming reality. Get to know RAWMANIA TRAVEL!

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Journey in THE TALES of Romania

Hi! I’m Romania. Nice to meet you! Uncover things that you didn’t know about Romania’s history and culture from a local’s perspective.

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We believe that travel is a big part of ‘the school of life’. If you’re on the same page we invite you to share your travel learnings on our blog, as a guest author.


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Travel will CHANGE us

We are strong believers that travel is one of the best lessons you can learn in life. We make a mission out of sharing the multitude of changes that traveling brings. Because travel changes us everyday.

ROMANIA, my love

It’s always about love. For all of us. Love is ever-present in our lives. Loving Romania is not always an easy task. But once you get to truly know her, she will charm you and you will become forever hers.

Project VISION

Become a recognisable platform of conscious travel. Provide informations about Romanian history and culture in an alternative way. Be your companion while travelling Romania.



STORYTELLING at its best

At the heart of this project is always gonna be storytelling. Inspiring stories about beautiful Romania. Empowering learnings from fellow travelers around the world. Our naratives are what truly connects us humans.

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