Romania. A love affair.

May 31, 2019

Hi! I’m Radu and I was in love with Romania. We’ve been together for 25 years but at some point we drifted apart. We had quite a ride but it all went south in 2014. We had a massive fight and I told her:

“I’m leaving! And if I don’t ever see you again it will be just fine!”

I ran to foreign lands as far away as I could. Found comfort in the Emirates. They were so nice to me, for a while I thought that something good could come out of this. I thought it will be great.

But temptation was lurking. I started going out with South Africa and Costa Rica. Ran away with Thailand and Australia. Partied like crazy with Ireland and U.K. Had my way with all of them.

Till nothing made sense, it all seemed lost… until I’ve found her again. She was still there, as beautiful as ever and I fell for her again.

My beautiful Romania!

She always knew I’ll come back. She never stopped loving me. I never stopped loving her. And now I’m madly in love again. I’ll be moving back in with her soon and I am terribly excited.

But before I do that I want YOU to meet HER! I want you to see her raw and unspoiled beauty. Learn about her scars, but also about her happy memories. I want you to meet her big family that will drive you crazy for sure, but  will always make you feel welcome.

RAWMANIA TRAVEL is my way of telling you our love story.

The ups and downs. The good and bad. The ugly and the beautiful. How I loved her, then hated her and how I found her love again. Join me! Be a traveler.

Let me make your journey of discovering Romania a very personal one. Let me be your travel buddy. I’ll be there when you don’t understand what the heck she’s saying. We’ll hike together her highest mountains. We’ll both go into near food coma, not having enough of her delicious dishes. And get drunk together on the world’s finest homemade spirits and dance our shoes off at her badass parties.

man feris wheel romania

Well, there goes nothing. This was my attempt to narate my life biggest love affair, Romania. And bring your attention to my mission of reconnecting with my motherland. Feel free to tell me how I did and spread the word of what I am trying to do here. To demystify this rather metaphorical approach of mine jump over here to discover the answer to WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY Rawmania?

What are you waiting for? Join me on this journey.


Come with me and discover her through my eyes!

World – meet the love of my life, Romania!




Hi my name is Radu and this is my Journey! I use this awesome blog to tell people my story. Through all the places and things I see around my beloved country, there isn't a best way to share my experience! Follow my monthly updates and discover the raw side of Romania!

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