What travel did for me.

April 15, 2020

I always loved traveling and travel did a lot for me. It started when I was a child. My great grandmother used to take me to Bucharest to visit some close family members.

I remember myself in the train so enthusiastic about the sandwich my mom has prepared for me. There were no worries. I could not think at that time about any social etiquette while traveling. All I was craving for was that delicious Romanian salami snack.

Another milestone trip was when I was 8 years old. I remember even now how much I enjoyed the itinerary to Buzau, The Muddy Volcanoes and the beautiful Moldavian Monasteries.

My eagerness to travel grew stronger and bigger. I was daydreaming about mountains, greenery and beautiful sunsets at Navodari Beach. Of lands full of sunflower or poppy flowers on my way to Danube Delta.

It was love at first sight when I visited Cluj, Sighisoara or Iasi. I kept falling in love with so many cities and picturesque villages of Romania. The list could go on forever! 

I was 22 years old when I first travelled abroad. I visited Barcelona, Cadiz and Madrid. Followed later that year by the beautiful Venice. I remember saying that my favorite city in the world is Barcelona. But after I visited more than 70 countries I discovered that I have more than one favorite place.

The meaning of travel.

Once you start traveling something starts changing inside you. I could not be who I am today without this journey around the world.

Traveling is experiential. It gets you out of your comfort zone. Opens your eyes to the joy of flavors, scents, languages, cultures, traditions.

barefoot smiling girl in hong kong

Traveling is enriching. It doesn’t just make me happy for a short period of time! It makes me grow. It makes me experience. Feel balanced for the long term. I could definitely give up on shoes, bags and perfumes for a plane ticket to a remote island. Or to taste some authentic food in a country that I can hardly pronounce its name. 

How do I travel?

Some of my travels were experienced on my own but most of them were with friends or as a couple. I enjoy solo but I would rather travel with someone else. For the joy of sharing the thrill of seeing a new place with someone else.

Food tastes better shared with two or three friends and overall I find it safe, affordable and fun. Plus, you really need someone to take good pictures. So you can come back with some memories to share with the world. And of course, to have someone to cin-cin or cheer up for amazing times!

There is no downside, in my opinion, when it comes to traveling. The only real one is that I would like to experience more. But managing time and finances sometimes can be a challenge.

I definitely enjoy my own plans. But I must admit that many times I booked travel agents or chauffeurs. To make sure that I see everything I want in the allocated time frame. I find it easier to engage with someone who has already a plan. And who would show me the best of the best. And for this purpose the locals are the best.

My travel tips.

Following some down to earth travel bloggers is part of my routine. My Instagram feed has people who inspire and motivate me to travel and discover more of this beautiful world. Hashtags such as #travelholic, #travelphotography, #passportlife, #travelblogger can make your feed captivating.

When it comes to how I make my suitcase, I must say that I am not a pro. I know through experience that traveling light is better. But I always add clothes as if I am going to live there. Better to be prepared, I alwyas tell myself. But in case you have to run through the airport to catch that flight, having a huge suitcase is not fun at all. I can assure you!

Favourite places today.

After 8 years living in the United Arab Emirates I discovered that my place to be is on a tropical island. I just want to live by the Ocean. Drink coconut water all day long. Take pictures of palm trees and wear ankle bracelets with coco de mer. Once I move there, I will see if my taste in travelling will change to something else or not.

girl sitting on beach with palm threes and blue sky in the background

Close after the tropical dream comes my beloved motherland, Romania. In particular Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina regions. There are so many other places to see In Romania But these are a good starting point in my opinion. First travel love it’s always gonna be close to your heart!

Wanna hear more from me?

I currently share my travel stories on Our Travel Romance page. Also, recently started my tropical baby project seychelleswellnes. Where I bring together my passion for travelling and my love for yoga.

Keep on travelling!




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